July 29, 2008

David Allen GTD Interview

In non-fire related news my old friend, mentor and dedicated Carlin fan David Allen interviewed me a couple of weeks ago. David is the author of the bestselling book Getting Things Done. His system has kept me on track and flourishing for over fifteen years. The interview is part of the "Connect" subscription on his site. If you're into GTD it's very worth checking out and they have a free trial.

In the interview we discuss interfaces, connecting, social networks, chirp, Google docs, Twitter, Apple and... world peace. It was just great to get all that out of my noodle and I want to thank him for the opportunity. I've posted the interview here.

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Blogger Steve Holden said...

I listened to this podcast via GTD Connect. I thought it was pretty good. I do think though even though I'm not a fan of voice mail that it does help in asynchronous situations where a group of geographically dispersed team members are working on a specific project, mission, effort, etc. Some things don't go over well with email. - Steve

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